Ability Research Centre

Accessible Arts Australia Incorporated

Adaptive/assistive technology

Australian Commonwealth Office of Disability

Australian Deaf Blind Council

Australian Disability Resources

Australian Network for Art & Technology

Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association

Bill Buxton's references

Dance and Technology Zone

* EagleEyes - eye movement tracking

Electronic Music Foundation Resources

* IBVA brainwave controller

* Inclusive Technology - multisensory rooms

* Infusion Systems (I-Cube)

* Interactive Light (Dimension Beam)

* Kurrambee Special School, Werrington NSW

Measuring Motion

* MMB Music Inc (MidiCreator)

MIDI technology and music therapy

Massachusettes Institute of Technology vision and modelling group

* Axel Mulder's references (I-Cube)

David Rodger's references

* Soundbeam home page

Special Education Resources on the Internet

Spectronics special needs technologies

STEIM home page

Technology and creative expression

* Theremin home page

* Very Nervous System


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