TempleTap is ...

Cynthia Jacobs
Bill Stern

Cynthia has been a musician, artist, photographer, all her life. She has had Beatlemania since 1963. Cynthia attained a Master of Design (Digital Media) in 1998 - her first & last tertiary degree. Not just a lateral thinker, her repetoire includes: upside down inside out and backwards.

Bill has a background in computers, electronics and education. More recently he has been specialising in digital media producing applications in Macromedia Director and Flash for Web and CD. He researched and produced a lipsyncing package for Director as part of an MA in Digital Media.

Together we specialise in digital media, and using new technology to encourage creative expression. We have lots of enthusiasm for facilitating fun, enjoyment and participation in music and creative expression for everyone.

We are not therapists. We research/demonstrate devices and advise on Assistive Technology for Special Education needs, as volunteers.

phone us on 02 4575 5105 in Australia - country code 61

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